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Dry needling involves the use of sterile, single use acupuncture needle to be inserted into the muscles aiming at the myofascial trigger points, which are areas of muscles with increased tension with a palpable nodule. Dry needling can assist with reducing local pain and restore muscle function which then in turns restore function and movement. […]

Remedial massage therapy concentrates on areas of specific concern and injuries. Your therapist will perform any necessary testing and assessments. Using a range of techniques including deep tissue, cross-fibre, myofascial release and trigger point therapy, the therapist will assess your issue and recommend treatment plans to help treat the area of concern. Remedial massage can […]

Physiotherapy aims to improve function and movement and minimise pain for people of all ages and for various background conditions.  A qualified Physiotherapist will perform a detailed subjective history taking to understand the presentation and signs and symptoms, a comprehensive objective examination to assess the root cause of the problem and identify movement deficits, and a variety of […]